Monday, 27 January 2014

Link AP and PO Documents

Link Accounts Payable and Purchase Order documents using "Link AP and PO Documents (03.560.00)" screen

This screen will be used to make a connection between a purchase order, receipt & return transaction generated in the Purchasing module and a released Accounts Payable voucher / debit adjustment transaction.

Unlinked Voucher or Debit Adjustment Transactions Area

Lists Accounts Payable transactions based on criteria you specify in the Selection Criteria for Vouchers or Debit Adjustments area of this screen
Unvouchered Purchase Order, Receipt, or Return Transactions Area
Lists purchasing transactions that match criteria you specify in the Selection Criteria for Purchase Orders, Receipts, or Returns area of this screen.

While clicking the "Link Transactions" button system will link the selected PO and AP transaction 

User can use this Link AP and PO Documents (03.560.00) Screen for the following Scenarios:
1) If used missed to link the PO and Receipt information during Invoice booking through Voucher and Adjustment entry screen

2) Before making the Receipt User needs to pay the invoice. In this scenario user can make the voucher without PO and receipt information. After receipt creation easily map those two documents using this screen

Hope this helps!!!

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