Thursday, 4 April 2013

Export & Import - Microsoft Dynamics SL Menus

Easy way to create the similar menus in SL for different groups:

Step 1:

Open the Menu maintenance screen and select the Group which needs to be replicated. 

Step 2:

Click an Action menu and select the Export menu option to export the selected group menu as an XML format for later use.

(Note: Unless you specify another location, the exported file is saved in to your My Documents folder. The default file name is Menu.xml)

Step 3:

Select the similar other group to import the SL Menu.

Click the Action menu and select the Import menu option to import an already exported XML format menu file.

Step 4:

Respond to the System Message 9859 with Yes to overwrite an existing menu; No to append an existing menu

Hope this helps!!!!!!!!

Applicable to SL 7.0 & SL 2011