Thursday, 25 April 2013

Link multiple SL users to a single Windows user

We can link multiple Microsoft Dynamics SL users to a single Windows user using Windows User Maintenance (95.310.00) screen.



> Open Windows User Maintenance (95.310.00) screen

> In Windows User ID, select the windows User-ID you want to link

> In User ID, select the Microsoft Dynamics SL User-ID you want to link. The name of the user appears in User Name.

> Select Default User to specify the Microsoft Dynamics SL user.  The system will automatically select for the Windows user ID if another is not supplied.

> Click the Save button on the toolbar.

Hope this helps!!!!!!!!

Note:  As per the above scenario all the SL users( SYSADMIN, TESTUSER, TESTUSER2 & TESTUSER3) can login to Solomon using the selected Window's User ID (Domain\User-ID)

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