Monday, 16 December 2013

Making SL DH File easily using SQL Scripts

DH file formation (for Solomon User tables) will always consume huge amount of time to complete the entire content for the specified tables. 

Using this procedure, user can get an entire DH file content quickly by just passing the table name as parameter.

Steps to form the DH file:

1) Download the following SQL file

2) Execute the SL_DH_File_Creation.SQL file under Solomon Application database through SQL Server Management studio.

3) Execute the DH File creation procedure in the following way under Solomon Application Database

DH File for new Screen development :
--Execute  ProcedureName  'TableName'
  EXECUTE SL_DH_File_Creation 'xTable'

DH File for Customization's:
--Execute  ProcedureName  'TableName'
  EXECUTE SL_DH_File_Customization 'xTable'

Hope this blog will be very useful for SL-Developers!!!

Microsoft Dynamics Community

Friday, 6 December 2013

Set “Unvouchered Purchase Orders” exist alert during Invoice Booking

To avail this feature, user has to select the “Warn of Unvouchered Purchase Orders” option under AP setup screen. 

Once this option is selected, system will check the Unvouchered purchase order records under Purchasing module during voucher or debit adjustment entry creation for the corresponding vendor through Voucher & Adjustment Entry screen.

Then this warning message appears when a user navigates to the detail grid of Voucher & Adjustment entry screen during voucher or debit adjustment entry creation.

Using this alert, user will never forget the Unvouchered receipts if exists for the  selected vendor.

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Microsoft Dynamics Community

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Making Transaction screen data as Template in SL 2011

Copy Special - Option 

This option is used to copy all data items in a screen or a specific section of a screen.

The name and number of the current screen from which you accessed the Copy Special dialog box will be displayed in the Screen field.

  • All — Select and copy all data items at all levels in the source screen.
  • Selected — Copy only those data items selected for copying in the source screen. Select all items to copy before opening the Copy Special dialog box.
  • Order/Batch/Detail/Customer/Transaction — Select and copy all data items in the specified major screen section only; options vary from screen to screen, depending on the function of the screen.

User can select any on the following copy options.

User can use the Paste menu option to paste the copied records from the Copy Special
By this way we can easily form the template for each Transaction screen.     

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Microsoft Dynamics Community

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Link multiple SL users to a single Windows user

We can link multiple Microsoft Dynamics SL users to a single Windows user using Windows User Maintenance (95.310.00) screen.



> Open Windows User Maintenance (95.310.00) screen

> In Windows User ID, select the windows User-ID you want to link

> In User ID, select the Microsoft Dynamics SL User-ID you want to link. The name of the user appears in User Name.

> Select Default User to specify the Microsoft Dynamics SL user.  The system will automatically select for the Windows user ID if another is not supplied.

> Click the Save button on the toolbar.

Hope this helps!!!!!!!!

Note:  As per the above scenario all the SL users( SYSADMIN, TESTUSER, TESTUSER2 & TESTUSER3) can login to Solomon using the selected Window's User ID (Domain\User-ID)

Microsoft Dynamics Community

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Export & Import - Microsoft Dynamics SL Menus

Easy way to create the similar menus in SL for different groups:

Step 1:

Open the Menu maintenance screen and select the Group which needs to be replicated. 

Step 2:

Click an Action menu and select the Export menu option to export the selected group menu as an XML format for later use.

(Note: Unless you specify another location, the exported file is saved in to your My Documents folder. The default file name is Menu.xml)

Step 3:

Select the similar other group to import the SL Menu.

Click the Action menu and select the Import menu option to import an already exported XML format menu file.

Step 4:

Respond to the System Message 9859 with Yes to overwrite an existing menu; No to append an existing menu

Hope this helps!!!!!!!!

Applicable to SL 7.0 & SL 2011